Who is Prints Charming?

Prints Charming is the combined talents of Cath Derksema and Kirsten Junor. We met when we were both working at John Kaldor Fabricmaker in the late 1980’s, Cath as a textile designer and Kirsten in production. Cath left Kaldors to start her own design studios ArtPark and Masterpeace , producing original artworks for the rag trade both in Australia and off shore. Kirsten went onto study costume making at NIDA, then working for film and television in Sydney and London. Our paths separated, children arrived and it was after a chance meeting through a mutual friend that our paths crossed again, Prints Charming is the result. We are now well and truly on the same path heading down the modern craft highway.

Prints Charming is teamwork. A huge respect for each other’s talents helps to keep Prints Charming alive and fresh, it also makes the working day a lot more fun. We are each other’s support team.