What do we do?

We are designers, hand screen fabric printers and modern crafters.

Hand printing in our studio leads us to be inspired in many directions. By printing only 3 metre lengths at a time means we are able to constantly change our colour palettes and designs, making a visit to our studio a new experience every time. These small print runs are exclusive to our studio and online shop. But we don’t stop there! We love to sew as well, fabric often going straight from the print table to the sewing machine. Stitched into quilts, soft furnishings, women’s wear, bags and anything else we can. Hand embellishment is a strong influence and we love to embroider round and round our organic printed motifs. Keep an eye on our on-line shop and the PC Diaries for regular updates.

Hand printing is the basis for all our art work that we create for our Prints Charming ranges. The creation of hand printed artwork, for these ranges means our unique style is retained, to be then enjoyed by fellow crafters worldwide. The beautiful soft handle of these fabrics makes them so suitable for clothing as well as craft. Enjoy

Our style is often described as fresh and modern. We also like to think it’s very Australian as well. The light in Australia is so different to the rest of the world; we are bolder with our use of colour. Using a white base cloth to print on means the colours stay fresh and dance off the fabric.